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Greetings from the Texas Music Administrators Conference, The Texas Music Administrators Conference is an organization of music administrators with a common goal – the continued pursuit of excellence in music education in Texas. While our roles may be varied in our individual school districts we stand together to create a supportive environment so that all children in Texas are offered a quality music education. If you are a music administrator or if you are in charge of organizing music activities in your district, we encourage you to become a member of TMAC. Our Fall Conference will be held November 19-21 in Austin, Texas. If you would like more information on registering for the conference, please contact a TMAC Officer.

Bob Bryant, President
Texas Music Administrators Association

Our Mission:

“…is to promote and support music education and music educators through collaboration, networking, and the sharing of best practices so that every child in Texas is assured of receiving quality instruction in the understanding, appreciation, and performance of music.”